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Our Voices, Our Communities 

Iowa's Stories of Climate Change

Climate Stories as Advocacy for Change

We created this storytelling project with the goal of sharing local Iowan’s stories about their experiences with climate change so that others, including elected officials and their staff, can see them and understand climate change’s impacts on their communities.


To that end, people from all across Iowa shared their accounts of hope, resilience, and activism and wrote these stories in collaboration with consultants from the Environmental Defense Fund.


We want to give a big thank you to all our contributors for their words, time, and photos, and have special appreciation for Hannah Breckbill and the Humble Hands Harvest Team for providing supplementary photos used throughout the website.

Help us grow our project!

If you have a story you'd like to share or any questions, please reach out to Nathan Vinehout Kane at 

Local Voices of Change

"Sailing and photographing the world’s oceans gave me a firsthand account of the beauty of marine environments, as well as the frighteningly rapid melting of sea ice caused by a warming climate."


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