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Climate Stories as Advocacy for Change


The Environmental Defense Fund created this storytelling project with a goal to collect stories about experiences of climate change through the perspective of local Iowans.  Individuals in Iowa's first and third congressional districts shared their accounts of hope, resilience and activism and wrote these stories in collaboration with EDF consultants.


From firsthand encounters with natural disasters, to efforts in climate activism and hopes for a cleaner-energy world, these stories highlight the social, economic and environmental problems caused by climate change and intersect with topics such as public health and rural agricultural economies. 

These stories are being shared with Congresswoman Axne's and Congresswoman Finkenauer's offices to persuade our leaders to make addressing climate change a top priority as our country’s economy restarts itself after this pandemic has passed. Everyone is affected by climate change, and everyone has their own unique experience with it. It will take all of our voices together to advocate for change and fight for our future.


A big thank you to all contributors, with special appreciation for Hannah Breckbill and the Humble Hands Harvest Team for providing us with pictures that are used throughout the website.

Storytelling Project

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