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 I recently met a man who brought up the "fact" that he didn't believe in climate change.

He talked of "libtards" and the "liberal media" pushing an "agenda." I let him talk for a while, and then asked, "Do you agree that the weather is overall different from when we were kids?" He paused for a moment and said, "yes."  


I asked him if where we live here in the Midwest the frequency of major rainfall events - getting several inches of rain or more within 24 hours - is way higher than it used to be. He said yes. 


I asked him if when townships, cities, and counties rebuild roads and bridges damaged by flooding they should be planning in a way that accommodates future heavy rains. He said yes. 


I then asked him if he thought we should be doing whatever we can to reduce the number of these major rainfall events in the future and other changes in the weather systems. He was quiet for a moment and then said yes.


I did not offer my opinion or ask any further questions.


He seemed to get it.


Kelli B

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